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Is your garage extremely cold in the winter and stuffy and hot in the summer? Chances are you have an older model door or your garage doors lack insulation. You can reduce the effects of the seasons changing by taking steps like adding insulation or if your doors are outdated, upgrading to garage doors with insulation and a high R-Value. Double sided steel doors with insulation, commonly known as sandwich style garage doors are a popular choice because it helps reduce the transfer of heat and air to and from the inside of your garage. Making these changes can affect the inside of your home as well, especially if there’s a room above your garage. Insulated garage doors tremendously help with energy efficiency, thus saving you money year around on utility bills. Your garage covers a considerable amount of your home, so if insulation inside your home is important to you then your garage should be included too.

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-We’re here to answer your call 24/7. Weekends and holidays too. We offer over the phone consultation, unlike other garage door companies, we won’t make false claims to make a dollar. What others won’t tell you, we will because some issues with garage doors and openers can be solved by you, and our advice is always free! If your garage door or opener needs a detailed review for any other issues, one of our techs will come and diagnose your problem for as little as $19.99. Have an emergency? No hassle, our techs are equipped to fix most problems the same day. So call us now! (678)531-2224

Protect Your Home

Your garage is a common point of entry for home invaders. Although statistics say only 9% of break ins occur through the garage door, this is in part due to how old your doors are. Like cars, intruders target older model garage doors. Experienced thieves know that older model doors, such as old molding wooden garage doors, don’t have the safety features newer model steel doors offer. Even if you’re interested in traditional wooden carriage style doors, no matter your preference, modern doors today are made and installed with cutting edge safety features providing you with security yet stylish doors. Don't become that 9%. Call us now to upgrade your doors! (678)531-2224

Noise Reduction and Insulation

 Like any mechanical object, you won’t be able to completely eliminate the sound of your garage door functioning, but you can greatly reduce the sound to make it unnoticeable. Even at night when you’re asleep and your home is quiet. Purchasing doors with insulation and garage door openers such as the Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive or Ultra Quiet Lift Master are a few ways you can reduce noise. Speak with one of our representatives today for more information.

Increase the Value of your home and WOW Your Neighbors

If you are considering selling your home in the near future, don’t think twice about upgrading your garage doors. There are three vital renovations to keep in mind. Front door, garage door(s) and windows. Security is most home buyers first concern, although replacing your garage doors may be a big investment, it’s guaranteed to increase the value of your home with up to an 85% return on investment.Adding windows and decorative hinges to your garage doors are nice perks too, but the quality of the material of your garage door(s) is what brings in the big bucks.